The Wassailing of Claus Manor

The Wassailing of Claus Manor is “a horrific holiday RPG, full of festive chaos and sinister plots” created by the team of Mike Martens, Brian Sago, Michael Van Vleet, and Tony Vasinda. I was invited to compose and arrange music both for the promotional material and for the actual-play portions of the game. As the game unfolds and the players are pulled deeper into the web of chaos at the north pole, they move from piece to piece to further show the depth of the Claus family’s madness.

The pieces each center on a Christmas carol arranged into grotesque form and accompanied by various demonic sound effects and devilish voices. Since any section of the game could easily take over an hour, I composed the music so that musical ideas return in new disguises, never quite the same as the last time they were heard.

“Here We Come A-wassailing”
“Here We Come A-wassailing (Loopable)”
“Jingle Bells (Loopable)”

Stay tuned for two more pieces which go along with this project!

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