Hope Left… – for voice and electronics

Hope Left…

Hope Left… is a piece for solo voice and electronics originally written for Stephanie Lamprea. Lamprea is a phenomenal collaborator and generally wonderful person who encouraged me to work electronics into the music for this concert. As part of this piece, I wanted to focus on and incorporate the breath of the performer. The piece is written quasi-graphically and freely to allow for flexibility in the voice-type of the singer, as well as in the pacing and timing of every note. In addition to the more graphic score, there is a Max/MSP patch that goes along with the piece which the singer triggers. The sounds in the patch are made from moving sounds from the bellows of my accordion to imitate the breath sounds from the singer. I modified and processed each of the sounds so that the electronics follow the mood of the singer throughout the piece, sometimes supporting, sometimes overwhelming, and sometimes following alongside.

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